Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd in snow

The Australian Shepherd is an AKC recognized breed. If you are looking for a great working dog the Australian Shepherd is one of the best. Even though it’s called an Australian Shepherd, the breed was developed in the US. The Australian Shepherd is the type of dog that was often used in old fashioned Western movies.

Is An Australian Shepherd The Right Dog For Me?

That depends on your lifestyle. Australian Shepherds are known as working dogs. They are very intelligent and are friendly and calm. Australian Shepherd dogs are used frequently on farms to herd animals. If you live in a small apartment in a big city, an Australian Shepherd is probably not the right dog for you. But if you live in an area where there is lots of room for him or her to run, the Australian Shepherd might be a good fit for your lifestyle. Since Australian Shepherds are bred to be working dogs, they are at their best when they are working. Australian Shepherds are often kept by ranchers who utilize their great herding instincts.

What Is A Mini Australian Shepherd?

If you don’t have a lot of room but love the breed, you might want to consider getting a mini Australian Shepherd. Mini Australian Shepherds are great family dogs and love to be involved in family activities. Because they have the strong herding and working instincts of their full size cousins miniature Australian Shepherds should always receive obedience training. A miniature or toy Australian Shepherd doesn’t require as much exercise as an Australian Shepherd does and so might be an appropriate choice for someone who works outside the home and has limited time to play with the dog.

Where Can I Find Australian Shepherd Breeders?

You can search on the Internet to find Australian Shepherd or miniature Australian Shepherd breeders in your city. You can also look for other local dog owners at dog shows, obedience classes, or pet stores. If you see someone with Australian Shepherd decals on their car or truck you can ask them where they got their dog. There are Australian Shepherd rescues that can help you find a great Australian Shepherd that will cost you less than buying from a breeder. Australian shepherd puppies can be very expensive, depending on the puppy you choose. When looking for Australian Shepherd puppies or miniature Australian Shepherd puppies for sale you should check the references given by breeder to make sure that you are buying a quality puppy.