Beagle, from the Dogs of the World

If you are looking for Beagle puppies the Internet is a great resource. Whether you want to adopt a dog from a Beagle rescue, find Beagles for sale from a breeder, or just find cute Beagle pictures you can find them all on the Internet. You can even browse through a breeder’s available puppies and pick out your new Beagle puppy online.

What Are Beagles?

Beagles are a member of the hound category of dogs. They are usually medium-sized dogs used for hunting and tracking animals. Beagle dogs have existed for over five centuries and developed in the United Kingdom originally. Beagles in Europe are traditionally used in fox hunting. They are used for hunting in the US as well. A popular sport in the Southern US is drag hunting, where a hunter will take two Beagles out to flush out and track animals. Beagles have even tempers and are very loyal dogs. Their easy going nature makes them great for a household with small children.

What Kinds Of Beagles Are There?

There are several variations of Beagles. A pocket Beagle is a small or pocket sized Beagle first bred in the medieval era. They were bred to be small enough to fit into a saddle bag and to fit through the heavy English underbrush to flush out prey. Miniature Beagles were often pets of nobility because their small stature suited them for indoor life while the standard size Beagles were kept outside and trained for hunting. Miniature Beagles are not significantly smaller than standard size Beagles.

Where Can I Get A Beagle?

There are thousands of Beagle breeders in the US. While it’s easy to find a breeder who sells quality Beagle puppies or miniature Beagle puppies finding pocket Beagle puppies can be difficult because the breed is nearly extinct. Many breeders have their own websites showcasing their dogs. You can also find ads in your local newspaper from breeders with Beagle pups for sale. Breeders usually sell three qualities of dogs. Show quality Beagles are the most expensive. Show quality dogs are bred specifically to enter dog shows and conform to AKC standards. Breeding quality Beagles are dogs that might not have the necessary traits to win in dog shows but have good breed characteristics. Pet quality dogs are the least expensive. Many people looking to purchase a family dog will buy a Pet quality Beagle instead of spending much more money on a Show quality dog.