Brown bulldog standing on grass

Bulldogs are often used as mascots and have come to represent strength and tenacity. The Georgia Bulldogs use the Bulldog as their mascot. You can find stylized Bulldog mascot clipart easily on the Internet. Even though they have a tough looking exterior because of their sturdy bodies and sloping faces Bulldogs are very friendly and make good pets. Bulldogs are loyal and fairly easy-going. Like most dogs, Bulldogs need to have regular daily exercise although they don’t need a lot of room to run around like some of the larger breeds. Even though Bulldogs are placid by nature if left without human interaction for a long time they will become destructive.

Bulldogs are popular pets, but a bull dog is not the right pet for everyone. Consider your lifestyle and living circumstances carefully. Bulldogs cannot tolerate extremely warm or cold temperatures. Bulldog puppies are adorable, but keep in mind that bulldog puppies require daily eye cleaning and other special care. For example, the folds of the Bulldog’s face need to be cleaned every day to prevent infection.

Different Bulldog Breeds

There are several different bulldog breeds. There are English bulldogs, French bulldogs, and American bulldogs. While the three different types have different characteristics all have similar builds. The French Bulldog and American Bulldog are descended from the English Bulldog. All three have similar temperaments and make good pets, but the slight differences in body type and size can make a difference when choosing a Bulldog as a pet.

English Bulldogs

English bulldog is the dog most people think of when they think of a bulldog. It is short and stocky, with a distinctive frown caused by its heavy jowls. Despite its appearance the English bulldog is very good-natured. English bulldog puppies usually require a C-section birth because of their build.

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs were originally bred from English bulldogs and were popular pets of people who left England and went to France for work. The bulldogs were great at catching rats. Over time the French Bulldog became the favored pet of the fashionable and well-to-do. The primary coat color of a French Bulldog is fawn. French Bulldog puppies can be difficult to housetrain.

American Bulldogs

The American bulldog is larger than the English and French Bulldog. It was bred to be a working dog for security and for catching livestock. The American Bulldog is related to the Pitbull although American Bulldogs don’t have the reputation for being aggressive that Pitbulls have. American Bulldogs are friendly, happy, easy-going dogs that make good pets. Because of their size American Bulldogs need daily exercise.