Dog Agility Training

Happy woman with sheltie on sports ground

What Is Dog Agility Training?

Dog agility training is when a trainer or handler trains a dog to run through an obstacle course off leash with no incentives or rewards given during the completion of the course. Agility courses are designed to be so complicated that a dog could not complete them correctly without human direction. That way the dog and the trainer or handler must work together as a team in order for the dog to finish the course. Trainers and handlers can only direct the dog using voice and body commands, they can’t touch the dog.

The dog who completes the course accurately in the shortest amount of time wins the competition. Every agility obstacle course is set up differently but contains the same types of obstacles. Agility training for dogs is very popular. Is your dog a good candidate for agility dog training? Some breeds are better suited for agility dog training than other breeds. A large, slow breed is not going to do well in agility training but a lighter, smaller, intelligent breed could do very well in dog agility training.

Even if you don’t want your dog to compete in agility competitions agility training can be very good for dogs. It teaches your dog to obey voice commands instantly and it gives the dogs a lot of healthy exercise. Dog agility classes can teach rescue or service dogs how to negotiate obstacles like stairs, water, hurdles, or other things they might face in the course of performing their jobs. Dog agility training is crucial for working dogs to keep them in top physical condition.

How Do I Find Dog Agility Training Classes In My Area?

Local pet stores and pet supply houses usually have posters advertising local dog classes and local dog agility trainers. Talking with other pet owners in your area is a good place to start. Ask for recommendations on where to find good trainers. An Internet search can be a great place to find local dog agility training classes. You can also find agility training dog equipment at many Internet based pet stores.

Whether you are looking for dog agility training classes in New York, Miami or Dallas the Internet can help you find the right trainer. There are networking websites where trainers from Ohio, Texas, Orange County or Fresno, California and beyond advertise their classes and give advice. You can also find information on dog agility competitions and the latest winners at dog shows.