Dog Behavior

Dog sitting on the bed with raised head

How Much Do You Know About Dog Behavior?

Understanding your dog’s behavior patterns can be crucial to figuring out how to solve any behavior problems that might come up. You can find many articles and books on the Internet that can help you learn more about dog behavior, and you can find professionals in your area that offer classes and training in dog behavior.

Does My Dog Need Dog Behavior Training?

Almost all dogs can benefit from dog behavior training. Dogs need to learn simple commands like Sit, Stay, and Heel for their own protection as well as yours. If your dog breaks away from you on a busy street and you tell it to Stop or Stay your dog’s life could be saved if it is trained to obey your commands. Simple dog behavior training can also help your dog learn how to safely interact with people and with other animals. You can look on the Internet to find local professionals who can teach your dog simple commands or you can teach your dog yourself.

Does My Dog Need Obedience Classes?

When trying to figure out if your dog needs advanced dog training or obedience training it’s important that you know how to recognize normal dog behavior stages. Do you know the difference between normal puppy behavior and aggressive dog behavior? Sometimes what seems like bad dog behavior is really just play. Normal cat and dog behavior can often seem overly rough or aggressive to someone who isn’t trained in animal behavior.

Obedience training is very important for breeds that are known to be aggressive or large breeds. Even though your Rottweiler, Boxer or Pitpull puppy might fit in your hand right now, he or she will grow up to weigh hundreds of pounds! Dog behavior training can ensure that you can still control your large breed dog even after it grows to maturity.

Why Has My Dog’s Behavior Changed?

If you notice a change in your dog’s behavior, it could be trying to tell you something. A sudden change in a dog’s behavior can mean that there is something is wrong with dog. If you have a dog behavior question, you should consult a professional dog trainer or discuss any changes in your dog’s behavior with your vet. Usually a dog’s barking behavior is the first indication of a problem. If your dog is suddenly aggressive, or begins barking more than usual, your dog is usually trying to alert you to a problem.