Dog Bones

Dog with bone clipart

If you are worried about what ingredients are in the commercial dog biscuits you buy, try making your own without preservatives or additives. This short articles gives some hints on how to make dog bones.

Think Of The Size And Shape

You need to be cautious to take care that the size and shape of the dog bones are safe. The first step on thinking this way is simple enough, bigger dog bones for bigger dogs and smaller dog bones for smaller dogs. The next step though is that for the size of your dog the dog bones can not be small and round, your dog might not chew them sufficiently and may even swallow them whole, which could lead to choking. Much in the same way you should never give a dog chicken bones because they will choke on them, you need to be careful about the size and shape of the dog bones you give your dog. Don’t make any hard dog bones with sharp, pointy edges which could puncture a dog’s mouth or throat.

Even if you have only one dog, invest in several types of dog bone cookie cutters to give your dog some variety. Get a dog bone cookie cutter the shape of dog bones and other fun shapes. Cooking dog bones for your dog is easy. You can find different dog bone recipes online to make different flavors of dog bone treats for your dog. For people who are concerned with their dog’s health, there are a number of websites that provide free healthy dog bone recipes. Dog boutiques even have candy dog bones that are a great treat for your dog but they can be expensive.

Need a quick gift for a friend who has a dog?

You can find a free dog bone recipe online and make up a batch of gourmet dog bones. Wrap them in cute paper printed with free dog bone clipart or a black and white picture of a dog with a bone for a fast present. You could also put them in a hand sewn gift bag with pewter dog bone buttons to close the bag and you have an inexpensive gift your friend will love. Amaze your child’s friends at the local science fair by whipping up some healthy dog bone shaped snacks using ingredients humans can eat. Your kids will love eating the same snack as their furry friends.