Dog Training Tips

Negative - Woman Training a Dog, Amherst, Victoria, 1910

Simple Is Best

The most central dog training tips are the simplest. The most simple acts frequently produce the best results. You do not need to complicate things, that will only confuse your dog. Being simple and direct are the best dog training tips.

In any dog pack, the lead dog sets the rules and all the other dogs follow. When you establish yourself as the lead animal, then your training sessions will be that much more productive. So be strong and decisive. Simple acts are the most productive acts. Simple commands are the commands your dog is most likely to learn and come to obey. Of course, having a good and positive relationship with your dog is important.

Perhaps the most important dog training tips are these: establish boundaries and stick to those boundaries. Again, be simple and direct. Do not deviate from your routine. If you want the dog not to run into the street then do not ever make a one time exception. Establish the boundary and stick to the rules.

Puppy Training Tips

That means puppy potty training tips. Here are some tips to house train a puppy. Pick a place where your dog can eliminate. Dogs are clean animals; they do not like to eliminate where they eat and sleep. Create a small confined space free of carpet and spread newspapers. Feed the dog the same time every day and only leave the food down for 30 minutes. Supervise the puppy whenever they are outside the area. If the dog has an accident, say no” and bring them immediately back to the confined area. If your dog doesn’t seem to be getting it, ask your vet for some tips on dog training to become house broken.

Think Agility Too

When you thing of dog training and behavior tips you probably are thinking in terms of eliminating unwanted behavior. Another thing to think about is training your dog to be agile when he or she is active. Here are some tips on dog agility training. Give your dog some interesting obstacles to run over, through, or around. Let them jump low fences and climb on boxes. Give them a challenge. Another dog agility training tip is to take your dog to a pet public exercise area. Many cities have them now and provide dogs with paths and play areas to learn agility. They also often post other dog training tips.

Apply these free basic dog training tips for a happy healthy life with your dog. We hope these dog training tips are helpful.