German Shepherd

German Shepherd dog

German Shepherds are very popular dogs.They are working dogs, and do not make good housepets unless they get regular and extensive exercise. German Shepherds are the first choice of the police and military when they are picking service or search and rescue dogs. German Shepherd dogs are great for security. German Shepherds are very intelligent and quick-witted. German Shepherds are loyal and respond well to obedience training. Even though they thrive in a working environment German Shepherds are intensely loyal and are loving family pets in the right circumstances. German Shepherds need lots of exercise. They are large dogs, in the same family as other security dogs like Pitbulls and Rottweilers. Before you buy a German shepherd be sure to check and see if there is any breed specific legislation where you live. Some areas restrict the type of dog you can buy based on breed. If you buy a German Shepherd but your town regulations don’t allow German Shepherds you may end up having to give up your pet.

Where To Buy A German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd puppies are tiny, but they don’t stay small for long! When you first see a German Shepherd puppy for sale you might be tempted to buy it right away. But you should wait. Before you start looking at German Shepherd puppies you should decide what color German Shepherd puppy you want. Most people are familiar with the Black and Tan traditional coat of German Shepherd puppies but there are other color variations. There are German Shepherds with black coats, German Shepherds with sable coats, and German Shepherds with white coats. German Shepherds with White coats are considered a separate breed from traditional German Shepherds. German Shepherd puppies with sable coats and German Shepherd puppies with black coats are easier to find than German Shepherd puppies with white coats.

You might have to search the Internet carefully to find German Shepherd breeders who have German Shepherd puppies for sale with white, sable or black coats. Because they are a popular breed you can sometimes find German Shepherds up for adoption at your local pet shelter. Adopting a German Shepherd from your local pet shelter can be less expensive than purchasing one from your breeder. Most animal shelters have certain days that the public is allowed to come and meet the animals that are up for adoption. Many also post photos and descriptions of the dogs available for adoption on the Internet.