Golden Retrievers

Brown golden retriever close-up

Golden Retrievers are the most common breed of dog picked to be a family pet. Golden Retriever dogs are usually very low-maintenance. Golden Retrievers are very friendly, loyal and loving. Golden Retrievers thrive on human attention and love to be part of a family. Golden Retrievers have such an easy-going nature that they are not good watchdogs. Golden Retriever puppies are very small but quickly grow up to weigh about 75 pounds. Because of the Golden Retriever’s athletic body and eagerness to please it is often the breed preferred for service dogs and seeing-eye dogs.

Like most large breed dogs, Golden Retrievers usually live between 10 and 12 years. There are certain medical conditions they are prone to like hip dysplasia. When buying a Golden Retriever you should ask the seller if parents should have been examined by the OFA for hip disease. If they have not, you should have the Golden Retriever checked by a vet to make sure there it doesn’t have hip disease before you buy it.

Golden Retrievers have long, luxurious, silky coats that require regular grooming. Since the Golden Retriever is a patient dog that is great with children assigning the task of grooming the dog to the kids can be a great way to teach them responsibility.

How Can I Find A Golden Retriever Puppy?

You can search online for a Golden Retriever rescue close to your home. Because of their popularity as family pets, many Golden Retrievers are abandoned every year by families who decide they no longer want them. Local animal shelters usually have adult Golden Retrievers waiting for adoption. You can also find many Golden Retriever breeders who offer Golden Retriever puppies for sale on the Internet. Breeders will almost always post pictures of the Golden Retrievers they have for sale online.

When you are naming your Golden Retriever puppy be sure to remember that your tiny little puppy will grow into a big dog! A name that’s cute for a Golden Retriever puppy might not be so cute for a grown Golden Retriever. Searching on the Internet is a great way to find a Golden Retriever. On some websites you can even find people offering free Golden Retrievers. Searching for free Golden Retrievers in Tulsa, OK? Whether you live in Tulsa, OK or in Utah, the Internet can help you find the perfect Golden Retriever to add to your family.