Great Dane

Great Dane color illustration, from the Dogs of the World

Great Danes are called the gentle giants of the dog world because despite their huge size Great Danes are known for their sweet dispositions. Great Danes are kind and gentle, even with strangers, making a Great Dane a wonderful family pet. The Great Dane is the official state dog of Pennsylvania. The Great Dane breed is believed to be about 400 years old. Great Dane dogs are among the largest dog breeds in existence, with an adult Great Dane standing a minimum of nearly 3 feet tall at the shoulder and weighing a minimum of 120 pounds.

The Guinness Book of Records has many photos of the Great Dane Gibson, a Great Dane who holds the record for being the largest dog. Other Great Dane pictures can also be found on the Internet. Like most giant breeds, Great Danes have a very slow metabolism and have low energy levels. Great Danes can have a variety of coat colors. One of the rarest is the blue Great Dane coat. If you want a blue Great Dane puppy you could end up paying quite a bit

How Do I Find A Great Dane?

If you are looking for Great Dane puppies that are for sale, you can do an Internet search for local Great Dane breeders. If they don’t currently have any Great Dane puppies available you can usually put your name on a waiting list and have the option to buy a Great Dane puppy when the breeder has more available. Your Great Dane breeder can usually also suggest reputable places to take your Great Dane for training. Because of their giant size, it’s imperative that your Great Dane understand and obey basic commands.

You can also adopt a Great Dane from a Great Dane rescue. There are Great Dane rescues all over the country who try to find new homes for Great Danes who have been abandoned or given up by people. Some people think that dogs from rescues have behavior problems but all dogs adopted from rescues are tested for behavior and temperament just as dogs purchased from breeders are. Adopting an adult Great Dane dog from a rescue can cost significantly less than buying a Great Dane puppy from a breeder. If you are adopting an adult dog keep in mind that Great Danes don’t usually survive past 10 years old due to their giant size. But don’t let that stop you from giving a home to a deserving Great Dane!