White furry dog with sunlight

The Havanese is a rare toy breed that is related to the Bichon. The Havanese breed first developed in Cuba. Havanese, unlike most toy breeds, loves to be around children and can be a great family pet. One of the more charming characteristics of the Havanese is that Havanese dogs will often follow their people around the house, even bringing their food from one room to another in order to be with the family. They are devoted to their families but not possessive, a trait which makes it a very desirable family dog. Similar to the Bichon, the Havanese rarely sheds and doesn’t release a lot of dander making it a good dog for families where some members are sensitive to pet hair and dander. Havanese puppies are adorable.

Can I Find Havanese On The Internet?

Pictures of Havanese dogs are easy to find on the Internet. An Internet search can also show you if there are any Havanese puppies for sale near you. Many Havanese dog breeders will have information about the history and care of Havanese dogs on their websites. You can also find community groups of Havanese dog owners and fans who can help you find a good local Havanese breeder or a Havanese rescue where you adopt a Havanese who needs a home.

How Much Do Havanese Dogs Cost?

Havanese dogs are rare, and a Havanese puppy can cost $2,000 or more. There also might be a very long waiting list for a breeder who is local. You might want to consider taking a trip to visit a Havanese breeder in another state if you really want to purchase a Havanese puppy from a breeder. Havanese breeders rarely offer a Havanese puppy at a sale price because they are in high demand as family dogs. Havanese dog breeders can make a very good living offering their dogs for sale. Sometimes you can find a Havanese mix puppy at a sale or discounted price. Havanese rescue groups are not common, but there are some. You may be able to adopt a Havanese from a Havanese rescue group at a much lower cost than you would pay for a Havanese puppy from a breeder. Mini Havanese, a toy version of the standard Havanese, are even more rare than a Havanese. If you are looking for a Mini Havanese you can expect to pay a lot for your dog.