The Many Benefits of Adopting a Dog

  • Brown golden retriever close-up

    Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers are the most common breed of dog picked to be a family pet. Golden Retriever dogs are usually very low-maintenance and very friendly.

  • White furry dog with sunlight


    The Havanese is a rare toy breed that is related to the Bichon. Havanese, unlike most toy breeds, loves to be around children and can be a great family pet.

  • Dog standing behind fence

    Electronic Fences

    Electric dog fences are very popular today. Electronic dog fences mean no expensive up front building and no costs. Electronic fences can be very expensive.

  • Dog with bone clipart

    Dog Bones

    If you are worried about what ingredients are in the commercial dog biscuits you buy, try making your own. This article gives hints on how to make dog bones.

  • Woman and Dog at Table

    Natural Dog Treats

    The revolution toward higher quality pet foods has spread to the realm of natural dog treats. No longer do caring dog owners have to stick with old dog treats.

  • Black bulldog puppy with treat

    Dog Treats

    Dogs love to eat, no question about it. But dog treats are more than a tasty snack for your dog. Dog treats can be very effective training tools for your dog.

  • Trained Dogs, Lawrence W. Ladd

    Dog Training Methods

    You can find information on a different proven dog training methods. But which one is right for your dog? It depends on what you want to train your dog to do.

  • Happy woman with sheltie on sports ground

    Dog Agility Training

    Dog agility training is when a trainer or handler trains a dog to run through an obstacle course off leash with no incentives given during the completion.

  • Negative - Woman Training a Dog, Amherst, Victoria, 1910

    Dog Training Tips

    The central dog training tips are the simplest. The most simple acts produce best results. You do not need to complicate things that will confuse your dog.

  • Man in blue crew neck t shirt and blue denim jeans sitting beside brown short coated

    Dog Rescue

    Have you considered adopting a dog from a dog rescue? There are hundreds of dog rescue groups around the country that work to find homes for unwanted dogs.