Saint Bernard

Black dog lying on grass

The Saint Bernard dog is one of the biggest of the working dogs. A full grown adult Saint Bernard can weigh up to 220 pounds. The heaviest St. Bernard dog known was named Benedictine, which weighed 336 lbs. Even Saint Bernard puppies are bigger than other dogs. Saint Bernards were originally bred as rescue and working dogs. Many people picture a Saint Bernard as a rescue dog, running through the cold and snow to rescue a human. Despite their intimidating size, St Bernard dogs are very gentle. Saint Bernards are fond of children. Saint Bernards are very loving and protective of their families. Saint Bernard dogs make good pets, although small children could be knocked over or injured by the massive size of the Saint Bernard. Saint Bernards are fairly patient and can tolerate small children better than some smaller breeds can. St Bernards have special dietary requirements and exercise requirements which must be met in order to keep them healthy.

Why Are They Called Saint Bernards?

Saint Bernards take their name from St. Bernard Pass in the Western Alps between Switzerland and Italy, where the name was passed to the local dogs. These dogs were often sent out to rescue stranded travelers which is how they developed their reputation as rescue dogs.

Owing A Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard puppies grow very quickly. Rapid growth can lead to health problems if they are not cared for. Because of their massive size Saint Bernards don’t have long life spans. Like most large breed dogs their expected life span is anywhere from 9-12 years depending on their breeding and how well they are cared for. If you are looking for a Saint Bernard puppy you should check your local pet store or ask a vet for a breeder recommendation. Because large breed dogs can be prone to a host of health problems it’s important that you look for Saint Bernards that are for sale from reputable breeders. Good Saint Bernard breeders will also help you learn to care for your St Bernard puppy. If you see St Bernard pups for sale in the newspaper or on the street you should be cautious about buying one until you’ve had it checked by a vet. You also could look into adopting from a Saint Bernard rescue. St. Bernard rescue groups will also help you learn the best way to care for your gentle giant.