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  • Brown golden retriever close-up

    Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers are the most common breed of dog picked to be a family pet. Golden Retriever dogs are usually very low-maintenance and very friendly.

  • Man in blue crew neck t shirt and blue denim jeans sitting beside brown short coated

    Dog Rescue

    Have you considered adopting a dog from a dog rescue? There are hundreds of dog rescue groups around the country that work to find homes for unwanted dogs.

  • Smiling teenage girl playing with puppy

    Dog Names

    There are millions of different dog names, so choosing the right name for your dog can be a daunting decision. Dog names can be found just about anywhere.

  • Dog sitting on the bed with raised head

    Dog Behavior

    You can find many articles on the Internet that can help you learn more about dog behavior, and you can find professionals that offer classes in dog behavior.

  • Unrecognizable woman holding paw of dog

    Dog Care

    Dog owners who worry about their dogs being alone in an apartment all day turn to dog care providers or dog day care services to make sure has some company.

  • Collie dog along with a man on a plane

    Assistance dogs learned in Kansas yield present of autonomy

    More than 100 assistance dogs who have been learned during KSDS are sparse in 32 states. Since 1990, a classification has lerned some-more than 400 dogs.