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    Training Tips for Introducing Your Dog to an Electric Fence

    One of the keys to successful training is building positive associations with the electric fence. Use treats and praise to create a positive connection.

  • Sheep Dog or Collie (Rough)


    Collie dogs make wonderful family pets. Collies are known for their sweet demeanor, loyalty and a high level of intelligence. Collie dogs are often seen on TV.

  • Beagle, from the Dogs of the World


    Whether you want to adopt a dog from a Beagle rescue, find Beagles for sale from a breeder, or just find cute Beagle pictures you can find them on the Internet.

  • Trained Dogs, Lawrence W. Ladd

    Dog Training Methods

    You can find information on a different proven dog training methods. But which one is right for your dog? It depends on what you want to train your dog to do.

  • Happy woman with sheltie on sports ground

    Dog Agility Training

    Dog agility training is when a trainer or handler trains a dog to run through an obstacle course off leash with no incentives given during the completion.

  • Unrecognizable woman holding paw of dog

    Dog Care

    Dog owners who worry about their dogs being alone in an apartment all day turn to dog care providers or dog day care services to make sure has some company.

  • Free black dog head portrait

    The Benefits of Adopting a Dog Instead of Buying One

    Who improved is there for we humans to pronounce with about adding another dog than with another pet person. Check out adopting a dog, its free and worth while.